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Vår Story

Mia Palmkvist. 42. Chef/Restaurant owner. Helsingborg/Bangkok. Mia was adopted from Thailand to Sweden in 1976 when she was only a few months old. In 1992 she went back to Thailand for the first time with her Swedish parents but didn’t really connect with her country of birth. Two decades later, in 2013, Mia decided she wanted to find her roots and biological parents. After some investigation, she found her biological family, including three sisters. Mia quickly emerged into her motherland’s culture and decided to start a catering company, placed in Bangkok’s slum. Together with one of her nieces, she started “Mammas Kök”, a company that caters Swedish food to customers in and around Bangkok. Recently, Mia and some friends also opened up a café on Rama IV in Bangkok, where they serve Swedish “fika” to Thais.